Club Director’s Vision: For every girl under my stewardship to become better than she was when I met her, to improve her skills, help her form good habits, better communication, and increased self-esteem, to create a culture of positive thinkers and doers, to exhibit finer womanhood, and create a standard of excellence in women.

St. Clair County Volleyball Club, in conjunction with Can You Survive Camp Mind over Muscle Volleyball Camp, is owned by MyKeia Thomas. We are in the business of sports and fitness. We provide a service that not only gets athletes in shape but ready to compete at the next level for their as well. We offer an opportunity for collegiate visibility and want each athlete that we encounter to have a chance to be seen by a college coach for recruiting opportunities.


“We partner hard work with opportunity and give athletes a chance at success.”

The goals for SCCVBC/Can You Survive Camp Mind over Muscle Volleyball Camp, are to be the go-to program for training and development in the Metro-East area.