St. Clair County Volleyball Club, in conjunction with Camp Crogier, are owned by Derrick and MyKeia Crogier. We are in the business of sports and fitness. We provide a service that not only gets athletes in shape, but ready to compete at the next level for their as well. We offer an opportunity for collegiate visibility and want each athlete that we encounter to have a chance to be seen by a college coach for recruiting opportunities.


“We partner hard work with opportunity and give athletes a chance at success.”

The goals for SCCVBC/Camp Crogier are to be the go-to program for training, and development in St. Clair County.  We have set out to attain the first-year goal of 85% our athletes getting recruited to a college or university with an athletic scholarship. Those particular schools include NCAA Division I/II/III, NAIA, and NJCAA. That’s over 1600 possible schools for scholarship opportunities. We want to be the leaders in skill development, and collegiate success.

We understand by addressing the athletic needs of the community; we also engage in the economic ones as well. More kids in school, doing what they love helps with the retention of that student. Most students, who are athletes, attend school to perform in their sport. By giving them an opportunity to play at a collegiate level, we also offer them the chance to earn a college degree debt, and succeed economically.