Open Gym Skill Sessions are here! 2017!

St. Clair County VBC is offering skill sessions during open gyms! Come out and see what we have to offer and get prepared for your big day of try-outs!!!

All sessions are from 6:00-8:00

Cost: $10.00

Nov. 1

Nov. 6

Nov. 8

Nov. 13

Nov. 15


Camp Crogier!!!

The time is drawing near! Derrick and MyKeia Crogier founded Camp Crogier and SCCVBC as a way of giving back to a community that has given so much to them. As former athletes in St. Clair County, they’ve spent most of their time in this community! Now it’s time to give back! Camp Crogier is an exclusive training camp that focuses on strength and conditioning training. From the terrain to the pool, to the track, Camp Crogier covers it all! The camp starts June 15th at 8:00 am SHARP! There will be flyers posted soon! Bring your child for an intense summer of fun and training.

“There will also be a health fair that informs parents and athletes on how to be safe during summer training! Safety is always first at Camp Crogier!” -MyKeia Crogier

Any athlete , who makes it through Camp Crogier, will receive an “I Survived Camp Crogier” T-Shirt! Only the strong survive, and I hope you have what it takes!

“Success is a sacrifice of mind, body, and time” -Coach Crogier

A Peek Into Camp Crogier